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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Bellicosa // Age: 22 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Undecided // Occupation: Hallowed
Crux Fidelis, Hallowed
146 lbs
Face Claim
Tsurumaru Kuninaga from Touken Ranbu
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Absolution Blade, Melchior: An oversized broadsword with a golden cross emblazoned on one side of the blade. This is the form Melchior would be taking if he weren't occupying Mana's body. Even now, he can summon a lifeless version of his old self at any time.

As Mana's body becomes more weapon-like due to Melchior's influence, it may be possible for Melchior to shape shift into this blade, but he refuses to be wielded by anyone else so it's a moot point.

Melchior can use this blade as a conduit for his signature abilities if need be.
As a rule, Melchior can only physically harm demons/sins/inherently evil beings. If he tries to attack something not evil, he'll just phase through them and they won't feel a thing. Melchior can still make physical contact with humans and the like, but the second his intentions turn toward causing injury, he'll become intangible and unable to interact physically with them. If he consciously tries to hurt a Crux member, he'll experience physical pain and may be incapacitated for a bit. The nature of his power is ironic in that he can't harm evil humans but can injure "good" demons. It's fairly black and white, like how Crux sees things.

Holy Body: Because of Melchior's nature and composition as a holy weapon, he is especially resistant to other Bellicosa and divine magicks. Most "holy" attacks will bounce off him unless they come from someone especially powerful.

In addition, he cannot be controlled in ways that would cause him to betray the Cross. As a Bellicosa, this goes against everything he is and the second he even thought about defecting, he would explode and die.

Purification: With prolonged exposure, Melchior's power will purify demons/sins, either turning them human (this is temporary for sins) or exorcising them completely. This process will feel warm and pleasant, but in a sickly sort of way that makes demons want to immediately vacate the area. As the light/pleasure spreads, the target's skin starts to turn a glowing white in an overlapping cross pattern that spreads outward from the point of impact. It's slow to fade, so if he breaks contact but hits them again seconds later, it'll spread farther. He can initiate this by touching his opponent with any part of his body, his sword, or simply manipulating his aura to reach them.

Luster: When in the company of demons, sins, and other inherently evil creatures, Melchior gives off a distinctive, intimidating presence. They'll feel the weapon's killing intent. Weaker demons may feel threatened enough to flee without even fighting Melchior or knowing anything about his abilities.

Forced Activation: When Melchior is within about half a mile of a demon or sin, he feels inexplicably compelled to pursue it, regardless of their actual alignment. If he is stopped from going after them, he'll feel a harmless but burning pain until the source of that evil travels out of his range. He can sense evil beings from even farther away, but luckily isn't compelled after them until they come closer.

Unbreakable: As a divine weapon, Melchior is almost impossible to kill. Though he doesn't feel much pain, he can sustain wounds to Mana's body, but even those will eventually heal - fatal or otherwise. Being injured, however, does slow him down as it would any other human. The only ways he can die are defection and sillage overuse - but Melchior is programmed to avoid the latter at all costs, so unless his power is continuously drained by an outside source, it won't happen.

Sillage: Melchior gets his sillage from Mana's body. Since he is always activated, there are times where he faints and can't function until eight hours have passed. His comrades have passed it off as some mysterious condition Mana has and will usually just carry him to his room when it happens. Melchior sleeps a lot to avoid this happening in public.
personality/fun facts
Positive: amiable, conciliatory, considerate, faithful, felicific, forgiving, modest, optimistic, prudent, selfless, tractable

Negative: careless, deceitful, extreme, forgetful, gullible, incurious, insecure, lazy, naive, obsessive, repentant, submissive, superficial

-goes by the name of his precious host, Mana Nightroad, even though that person's mind is long gone. He doesn't want his allies in Crux to be saddened by his host's passing nor does he want them to punish him for basically killing Mana. So he lets them believe that he is that person.

-as Melchior resides within Mana's body, he has access to his wielder's memories. This makes it easier for the weapon to imitate him.

-his mindset is different from the majority of Crux Fidelis. He doesn't fight the Sins with hate, but loves them instead. He feels that his very existence is for the sake of bringing peace to the wicked. Both Melchior and Mana feel that Poena Damni - forced into personifying mankind's shortcomings - are suffering even if they don't show it. Purifying them is the only way to stop that cycle of despair. He still isn't sure whether the Sins actually disappear when he purifies them or just return to Alptraum like they would normally upon death. Since he's never encountered the same Sin twice, Melchior has faith that his power can eliminate the Sins for good.

-Melchior is very naive. It takes a lot for him to believe a non-demon/sin is evil and will give them endless chances, even if they hurt him personally. He wholly believes in the goodness of humankind, even when it is nowhere to be found.

-He has an unwavering faith in Crux Fidelis and their cause. He is directly in tune with the Pontifex's pure intentions and will never dispute an action sanctioned by his superiors, knowing that it paves a way for a brighter future. He is practical in that he will always pick the option that means less people die. Even if it meant losing someone dear to him, Melchior must choose the path that saves the most people in the end.

-Melchior is incredibly driven in everything he does. Even if he is on the verge of death, he will keep trying to accomplish his goal (unless he runs out of the sillage needed to function). He sees no reason to stop since he can't die. Still, he feels bad when Mana's body gets messed up because of him.

-Perhaps because of the fact that he is a holy sword, Melchior has a desire to be physically close to people. He feels that it is wrong for him to be close to anyone other than his wielder, however.


-Very friendly, always wanting to make sure his friends are happy and comfortable. He'll be the butt of everyone's joke if it means someone else gets to feel better about them self.

-There are times when he will feel underappreciated and start to doubt himself. In other words, his self-esteem is low. This stems from how he was often criticized as a child for his weak and colourless appearance. It drives him to go above and beyond, but he still feels worthless.

-Secretive. If he's sad, sick, injured, or otherwise debilitated, he will go to great lengths to hide it. He doesn't want anyone to be stressed on his account.

-He hates being alone. Mana can get extremely clingy with his friends to the point where it's annoying. When someone becomes the center of his world and they turn their back on him, he's liable to be depressed for great lengths of time.

-He can't stand seeing people in pain or watching sad things happen. He is disturbed by the sight of other people's blood, but not his own. One of the very few differences between Mana and his weapon are that his heart goes out to those in front of him. Even if the world is crumbling, he will try to save the single person that is suffering before his eyes simply because he is selfish and cannot bear to watch.
Melchior began its existence as any other Bellicosa would: a small silver cross. Of course, this cross didn't have much in the way of a consciousness. There was only an inexplicable yearning as the divine weapon sought out and wished for its wielder so that it may fulfill its destiny on the battlefield.

Many years passed before this particular cross was handed over to a sickly but radiant boy named Mana Nightroad. Upon contact, the cross rapidly grew in size, forming a silver broadsword emblazoned with a golden cross. The Bellicosa's awareness grew somewhat. Its name was Melchior. There was a pale, frail boy with thin white hair. Mana. This was his wielder? Could the weapon really drive back the evil in these shaking hands? Yearning turned to uncertainty. But there was something about the way his amber eyes glowed...

Born with an innate sense of justice and love for the world, Mana had pledged himself to the Cross at a young age. He trained until he was fifteen, skillfully hiding a debilitating illness from his peers. Based on conviction alone, he thought he could handle a Bellicosa. For a while, he did. He couldn't fight for very long, but he managed to survive and carry out his duties in a satisfactory manner.

Mana's mindset was different from most. Instead of a tool, he saw his Bellicosa as a partner that shared his goal of purging evil from the world. He didn't hate demons or even the sins. Being programmed to kill and wreak havok...such a chaotic existence had to be painful and they lashed out in agony because of it. Even though he could barely comprehend it, he wished to save them.

Mana's strong feelings transferred to his weapon, resulting in an early evolution. What had been a simple light-manipulating sword became a living weapon. Melchior sprouted tendrils of divine steel that dug into the boy's sword arm and wrapped around his wrist, forever binding itself to the wielder it had come to adore. The Bellicosa never wanted to be separated from Mana. It shifted its power and became stronger in combating inherently evil beings, but in doing so, lost the ability to harm humans and the like. As a weapon, Melchior could only read its wielder's intentions and would not hurt beings lacking an "evil" aura.

Mana was completely taken in by his Bellicosa. He could not put down his sword, but he didn't care. He was flooded with the urge to "save" the sins and similarly hurting creatures. He surmised that his very existence had become that of a holy weapon which bestowed salvation, a duty which he wholly accepted. Finally, he had the power to make a difference.

Despite his weakness, Mana fought without rest. He forgot that his body was human. His condition worsened, but he didn't care. He couldn't bear to leave the battlefield. He couldn't possibly neglect the evil creatures he lived for.

In a cruel twist of fate, the last battle "Mana" fought was against a human mage who consorted with demons. Unable to make a single scratch on his opponent, Mana was quickly overwhelmed. Melchior couldn't bear it. The Bellicosa didn't care if it disappeared, but it couldn't watch its partner die. The weapon took control of its wielder and broke its own limiter. For an instant, it regained the ability to cut humans and struck the mage down. However, there were repercussions for going against the rules. Bright light consumed Melchior and its wielder as they were both punished for going against their own established doctrine. Physically and mentally connected to his Bellicosa, Mana suffered for both of them. He was already weakened, and this flood of pain and emotion irrevocably shattered his mind.

Melchior waited for its wielder to wake up. The weapon knew it would have disappeared had its owner died. That was one of the few pieces of knowledge the Bellicosa had known since the beginning of its existence. But even when Mana's allies found him, they could not rouse him. One of them touched Melchior's blade and the Bellicosa felt their sadness. The weapon felt moved and dispelled its physical form in favour of taking Mana over again. He responded to the other Hallowed, assuring them that he was fine. Even as Melchior spoke for its owner, the weapon felt that this was not the case. In trying to save him, the Bellicosa had hurt Mana terribly. The strong feelings were gone without a trace. But because it loved Mana, Melchior would continue to carry out his wishes until he woke up.
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