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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Seraphim/Angel // Age: 1000 yrs old // Gender: She/Her/They/Them // Orientation: Omnisexual/Aromantic // Occupation: Valor – Seracier
Crux Fidelis, Valor - Seracier
Can be any height. Prefers 6' 5". Maximum height is 9 feet.
Face Claim
Digimon - Angewomon
Appearance Extras
While hooded, Sera appears human like void entity with a white cloak. Her voice becomes deep and masculine. It also appears that conveying emotion is difficult when there no facial expressions involved.

While unhooded, her eyes are not seen due to the face mask she wears but those who have seen her without it can confirm she has very night sky colored eyes that seem to glitter with its own set of stars.
♢Heaven's Grace: Seraphiel's symbol of her status as the Sacred Protector. It is an aegis created in the finest forge of the Angelic Realm. The shield is crafted from sanctified Gold and Silver and decorated with pink colored gems, in anyone elses hands it is quiet heavy and difficult for a mortal to use without sillage and even then would be very deaining on them. Anything consisered demonic or evil will be burned by this shield as it attempts to cleanse them. However if Seraphiel considered a demon an ally they would be permitted to touch the shield, if they fall out of favor with her the shield will immediately begin to burn them.

While it can be used as a normal shield, the shield can project a much more powerful energy shield made of holy light that can absorb sillage based attacks. At full power the energy shield takes on a half bubble forcefield. The light is purifying and will burn anyone considered evil or demonic that tries to pass the field, the longer a target burns they could eventually lit ablaze. The only exception being if Sera considers a demon a friend, then and only then will they would be able to pass through the barrier unharmed.

While it can absorb sillage there is a limit it can take before the forcefield starts to crack and crumbles. Once the energy shield is drained it will take 24 hrs for it to recharge.

[Player permission required for flames to cause extreme har/death]

♢Belicosa: Heaven's Tresses: While in its dormant state, Seraphiel's Belicosa takes the form of a golden bracelet that she wears on her right arm. When activated the bangle will glow and expand into a long winding chain (about 20 feet) that is also gold in color. Once activated Sera can use Divine Binding and and Judgement. [See abilities]
Angelic Abilities
♧The Seraphic – As a seraphim, the highest order of angels, Seraphiel is quite powerful as she is beautiful. Her lithe form very deceiving as she is very stong, taking down large creatures many times her size. With her six wings she is swift, quicker than the mortal eyes. She is highly durable and an immortal being and cannot truly die like the other angels and demons that exist. However she can be temporarily displaced, it is like dying however she can reform in time. How much time depends on the severity of the attacks, it varies from a few days to a few centuries.

While physical attacks from mortals have no effect on her, she can feel attacks from magic based users. Attacks from supernatural beings effectiveness depends on the power of said being. Angels, demons, and other high class poweful supernatural beings tend to cause the most harm.

♧White Veil – An illusion based ability that allows for Seraphiel to disguise her form, her six wings will cover her and then cloak her in a human looking disguise. While her preffered form is a voidless figure in a white cloak she can shift into forms to pass as human. In her cloaked form her powers are limited and she cannot fly. While her illusions can fool humans, higher beings like demons, angels, and other supernatural creatures are able to tell that she is not human.

♧Burning One – The Seraphim are also known as the burning ones for they are truly beings of fire. Seraphiel has an aura of golden holy fire that protects them from corrupting evil magic/energy. While this ability is activated, Seraphiel can control holy fire and shoot them as a straight beam or as projectile balls. These fires are said to purify anything that comes into contact with it. Mortals and most supernatural beings will be burned as normal by the flames, however those considered to be 'evil' like demons, undead, and those who use the dark arts will feel unbearable pain of the flames burning away the evil from them, this causing serious damage to death.

[Flames will cause normal fire damage and will only insta kill NPCs. Permission from all players is required in order for flames to cause extreme harm/death.]

♧Guardians Wings – With Seraphiel's six wings, she is capable of high speed flight. When taking off all six of her wings will beat and will sound like a thunderclap but while flying the wings are silent. She is also capable of carrying someone else and fly them around, however she will be unable to go high speed flying unless her passanger has good lung capacity as it is very difficult to breathe at high speeds.

♧Sacred Light – Angels are known for being able to control light and Seraphiel is no exception. She can cast ray of holy light that are said to empower allies and cause pain to those who commit evil. Those empowered by the light feel twice as powerful while those the light considereds to be evil will feel burns on their skin and at most would suffer 2nd degree burns if exposed to the light for too long. These lights are also known to reveal things hidden in the dark, revealing illusions and pointing out things that are literally hidden out of sight. While these powers are most powerful in daylight, they are also weakest at night.

Belicosa Abilities
♧Divine Binding – Once Heaven's Tresses is activated Sera can bind her target with the chain. Typicially if her target is weaker than her, they will have a hard time breaking out. 8f her opponent is stronger than her they can free themselves given time to do so. Once bound Seraphiel can force her target to tell the truth if asked a question. The target will feel an overwhelming sensation and will feel compelled to tell the truth no matter what, unless there is a magic much more powerful preventing them from speaking.

♧Divine Judgement – After a target is bound Seraphiel can use Divine Judgement. The chain binding the target will force the target to reveal any crimes they may have committed or anything good they've done in life. And after that the chain will judge them for it and if she so chooses, Seraphiel can let a target go and absolve them, or condemn them and destroy them. Destroying a target will feel much an exorcism. The target will burn and feel like they're being forced out their body. And the body and soul will immolate into ashes.

[Player permission required to be forced to tell the truth and to activate Judgement entirely]
personality/fun facts


☆Serphiel's favorite food is strawberries.
☆Has been around since Angels were first created.
☆Is fond of deer and will feed them when she finds them.
☆While she is capable of having sex she has lost her ability to fall in love.
☆Tends to get human idioms confused.
☆She tries to see the good in everyone she meets, even demons. When she finds that there is nothing good in them she becomes sad and keeps her distance even making them her enemy depending on how awful they are.
Seraphiel was there at the beginning when angels were first created. She was charged with protecting Metatron, Chancellor of the Angelic realm. In time she grew fond of him and he grew fond of her company as well. They were always seen together, closer than their roles had allowed them to be. That all changed when when the angels were able to view into Sium and Seraphiel watched in horror as the mortals of that world were being slaughtered by supernatural creatures of all kinds.

It was not in their nature to interfere with mortal affairs, the angels had much more important matters to attend to. But Seraphiel couldn't let it go, her nature to protect as the Seraphim of protection overided her sense of duty to her brethren. In private Metatron scolded her for her rebellious antics but she pushed back. 'How could we call ourselves the epitome of good if we don't stop to help those who cannot help themselves?'

At this point, she realized that the others would not listen to her no matter what she said. Well, if that was the case then she would go down to Sium and help the mortals where the others would not. Metatron tried to convince her to stay but she would not listen. This was something that once Seraphiel had set her mind upon, nothing would stop her. Out of the soft spot he had for her, Metatron allowed her to leave quietly, but he made her promise not to return to their realm out of fear that the others would destroy her.

They said their goodbyes and it was the last time they would speak, slipping into Sium was easy enough. But between the time she had noticed the slaughtering and the time she arrived things had changed. The mortals had been given a blessing, the ability to use a magical energy that had not been here before. There were still some people who could not use this energy and Seraphiel did her best to protect them from the creatures that wish to harm them, including themselves.

Seraphiel had watched an organization called Crux Fidelis since its creation, the group reminded her a lot of her home. It made her homesick but she pressed on with her mission because there was no home to turn back to. Throughout time she would run into these Crux people and they would assist her in saving people. She admired how selfless these magical humans were. And each time she met with them they left her feeling wanting to help them since their views seem to align with her own.

Seraphiel learned a lot about Sium and the beings that lived inside of it. She learned of the Aphelion first hand watching the mortals become violent and commit horrific crimes. It was as if they could not help themselves, she sensed something was wrong but on her own she did not know how to help prevent this awful event from taking place. But it would seem that the odds were in her favor.

This particular event had left the group Crux fidelis weakened and she had seem war was on the horizon. Wanting to help, Seraphiel offered her assistance to the group. She started off as a hallowed, which was interesting being she never had been on the lower rung of anything before but she didn't mind. She saw herself being on equal footing with the others of the group. Eventually they offered her a position as a Valor after one of their own had been promoted to a commander. Through recommendation Seraphiel has been chosen to fill the others place. After a weeks of training, she had been more than ready for her new position. For the first time in many centuries, she didn't feel so homesick anymore.
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