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Posted by: Hiraeth Sep 23 2016, 11:05 PM
I. Rating: Megalomania is a premium site with a 3-3-3/R-rating which means sex, excessive violence, and other heavy subject matter may take place during in-character threads. While this sort of content is by no means the focus of the RP, we've taken on this rating for the sake of creative freedom and in the hopes of cultivating a (relatively) mature, cooperative community. Consequently, we only accept members who are 18 years of age or older. If you lie about your age to view mature content, you are doing so at your own risk.

II. OOC accounts: The first account you need to register is an OOC account with your cbox alias as the account name. This name should be one word (for tagging purposes). Post in OOC account registration to get the account sorted into its proper group. Each character account you make should be linked to this OOC account. This is so you can make use of jcink's alert system, which pushes notifications to the parent account. Go to My Controls > Personal Profile > Edit Sub-accounts to manage your sub-accounts.

III. Format: When making character/OOC accounts, please register with the character's first and last name in that order. Use proper capitalization. Example: John Smith

I. Respect: Respect is crucial. Treat staff, guests, and other members in a way you would like to be treated. If you have an issue with someone on the site, you can either resolve it by taking it up with them in private or contacting a staff member. We do not tolerate hate speech or member bashing, regardless of the reason behind it.

II. Theft: Plagiarism is not tolerated and is grounds for an instant ban.

III. Patience: Don't hound people for quick posts. They will post when they have time/feel like doing so. If you feel you do not have enough replies to do, get more threads. Similarly, do not bug staff to check your profiles. If you have posted in the notification thread like you are supposed to, we have seen it and will get to it as soon as we can.

IV. Reporting issues: If you have a complaint about something regarding the site, PM it to a staff member and we will do our best to accommodate you. Do not go off about it in the discord or forums. Understand that we are under no obligation to act on every suggestion that comes up.

I. Profiles: Here on Megalomania, we use profile templates instead of a traditional doHTML application. Go to My Controls > Edit Profile to find and edit said profile. Please fill out all the fields from "title" to the bottom and then post in the notification thread when you're done. Once we've checked it, we will send you a PM to let you know whether you have been approved or not.

HTML is enabled in profiles - however, this is only for the purpose of bold/italics. If you change the colours/structure of the profile template, you will be asked to remove those parts.

II. Balance creativity and realism: As we do not want to have to stunt anyone's creativity, we are lenient with powers. As long as your character isn't world-breaking, their history coincides with our lore, and everything is filled out properly, you will probably be fine. However, if you get asked to change something, don't cause a scene. We are just trying to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

While we encourage creativity and allow powerful characters, we do not condone Mary Sues. Your character needs to have weaknesses and actual negative traits other than "too nice for his/her own good", "selfless", etc. Have at least a couple traits that would make most people dislike your character when put on display. Nobody is perfect or completely likeable. Your character shouldn't be good at everything, either. If you want them to be overly powerful, they had better have the history and age to prove it.

III. Face claims: Face claims are mandatory here and they need to be of animanga style. You can use characters from video games and shows as long as they have animanga artwork, however. No RL/CGI images, please. Make sure that your character is original. Do not make them a carbon copy of the FC whether it be power-wise, personality-wise, etc.

Original art is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact a staff member if you wish to use it.

IV. Graphics The avatar size here is 250x400px. There is also a 100x100 icon in the mini-profile. Please crop your own or ask for help rather than ripping graphics off of other RP sites (unless you have permission to use them). pixlr is a good online editor and waifu2x is great for quickly increasing the quality of your images. You could also ask someone to make one for you. Just keep in mind that your profile will not be accepted without these images. Also, no gifs please.

Signature images are fine, just make sure they do not go over 500px in width.

V. Real-world references: Sium is a world completely different from Earth, so you may not mention real-life people in your profiles/posts. Real-world references in general are to be avoided. You cannot say that your character is French/Japanese/etc. because those places do not exist here. You can still give your character a Japanese name if you want, of course. Taking inspiration from existing myths is also allowed.

Canons and Activity
I. Activity Check: We will go through characters at the end of each month to see who is still active. Any that don't have posts for a month or longer will receive a PM giving them 2 weeks to bring their activity back up. If they are still inactive after that, we will strip them of their claims.

II. Canons: Canons will be held to a higher standard of activity, requiring an IC post at least once every two weeks to stay in their spots. They will have a one week grace period to get active again before their claims are taken.

III. Extra Canons: Typically, canons are one per member as they are in limited supply. However, we've recently added more spots and will now permit especially active members to take two. The prerequisite for this is that the member must be involved in ten active threads, active meaning that the threads in question have been posted in recently. Anything that's been sitting longer than a month will not qualify. To reserve your second canon, you will need to link us these threads in your reservation post.

IV. Pseudo-Canons: there is a "lower" class of canon spots (noted in their respective faction thread). Each member may have one of these positions even if they already hold their limit for major canon spots. It's likely we will create more of these psuedo-canon positions in the future so that we always have some open.

V. Getting threads: it is your responsibility to get threads. Posting a plotter of your own is one way to do that, but you should also consider posting on other people's plotters or DMing members in the discord group, because not everyone will come to you right away. Posting open threads or joining existing ones is another option. There are so many ways to get threads, so "I didn't have anywhere to post", will not be counted as a valid excuse when it comes to inactive characters.

VI. Absence Threads: If you are going to be gone for a long period of time (a week or more), consider making use of the absence board to let us know when you will be back -you don't have to elaborate on your situation or anything. This way, you won't lose any characters in your absence. If you're going to be gone for a longer period of time (2 months or more), we ask that you consider dropping any characters that hold high positions as they are meant to be central to the plot.

VII. Reactivating characters: All you have to do to get inactive characters back is link their profile in the notification thread and ask us to reactivate them, assuming their claims haven't been taken by someone else. If looking to bring back multiple characters, please do one at a time, getting your first pick active before requesting more.

I. Literacy: We are not elitists here, but we ask that all members practice decent English in their posts. Excessive typos and grammatical/spelling errors make things hard to read. If we have an exceedingly difficult time reading your profile, it will be denied.

II. Templates: Templates are not mandatory. However, if you use one, please refrain from using eye-rending colours (such as bright yellow/red) and low quality images. For those that want to use a template but don't want to search for one/mess around with coding, we have a simple blockquote template. Wrap your posts in [blockquote*][/blockquote*] (without the asterisks) to use it.

update nov 4/2017: There is now a [header*][/header*] bbcode to go with the blockquote for those who'd like lyrics/a quote/whatever else to show up above their post.

III. Tagging people: To tag someone in a thread, type @[Username]. Make sure you use the person's OOC name.

IV. In-character actions have in-character consequences: If your character does something stupid, you should not be surprised when something bad happens to them afterwards. That being said, we will not allow anyone to kill off another player's character without that player's expressed permission. We will not foster a competitive atmosphere OOC. This might sound contradictory but what we're trying to say is: play your characters realistically. If staff notice an abundance of copouts/general nonsense happening with a certain character, action will be taken against them.

V. IC ≠ OOC: Keep in mind that we are not our characters. Do not get mad just because someone else's character insulted yours. It is not meant to be taken personally.

VI. Tagging threads: If your thread contains any potentially disturbing themes, tag it "CW" for content warning. Here is a list of themes that warrant a CW tag. It is recommended you list the specific themes your tag is warning for in all posts that contain them.

VII. Races & System: We do not have stats or any tier system in place. Reason being: we want to write. We want to make awesome characters. They might be a newbie that has never fought a day in their life or they might be a seasoned mage. Or a werewolf. Whatever you want, as long as it isn't a god. Any fantasy/original creature is welcome. Make what you want within reason. However, if you plan on having any powers that auto-hit or control another character for the sake of thematics, you need to add a note to it stating it can only be used with OOC permission.

Basically, we follow an honour system. Work with the people you are threading with to figure out how fights go. Have fun. This is not a competitive battle shounen site. On that note, godmodding (controlling another person's character), metagaming (using OOC knowledge IC), and powerplaying (making your character unbeatable) are still prohibited unless agreed upon by all parties. If you find any instances of such abuse, please PM a staff member and the situation will be promptly dealt with.

tl;dr: if competitive combat RP is your thing, this isn't the site for you.

VIII. Plotting: When posting on a plotter, have a goal of some sort in mind, not just "hey, let's plot". Do not make others do all the work for you.

IX. Notify staff of large-scale plots: If you are going to do something major IC (i.e. terrorizing a town, character death, etc.), let staff know so we can integrate it into the overarching plot. Also keep in mind that some of these things can draw lots of negative attention to your character IC.

X. No thread limit: We are liquid time. Have as many threads as you want. Just know that all your characters need to be kept active.

I. Behave yourself: Keep conversations in the server tasteful. We need not be discussing sexual or controversial (religion, politics, etc.) subjects where everyone can see them. Basically, if you need to ask if something is appropriate, it probably isn't. If you want to have those sorts of conversations, do it over DM.

If you offend someone by accident, just apologize. Blaming the other person is irresponsible and will solve nothing.

II. Negativity: Avoid negative behaviour. We understand that everyone has bad days, but posting about how depressed you are or ranting is just going to bring everybody down and make things awkward in the cbox. Try confiding in a friend instead.

III. Drama: Avoid and report OOC drama so that staff can take action ASAP.

IV. Inclusiveness: Clique behaviour is to be avoided. If someone is trying to talk, do not ignore them. Be inclusive and if you see that your conversation is getting to be one-on-one (a subject that no one else can participate in), consider taking it to another medium such as skype or discord.

V. No spam: Do not spam the cbox with meaningless nonsense. Examples of this are emotes, things like /peeks/, *licks*, "hmm...", etc. If you want someone's attention, just say so. If you're confused, say so. It's hard for others to hold a conversation when it's filled with meaningless faces and RPing. The no spam rule includes advertising. We have a board for that. Anyone that promotes another RP site in any way will see their posts deleted. Depending on the circumstances, the deletion may be followed up by a permanent ban.

VI. Icons: Use an icon in the cbox. No gifs as they slow the site down.

VII. "I'm bored": Do not post in the cbox saying it's quiet/dead/you are bored. Not only does it make the site look bad to guests, but most people find it annoying. Try to start a conversation instead, or if you are so bored, find somewhere to post. Even if no one is on that is no reason to discourage other people from joining.

VIII. When to drop it: If a staff member asks you to stop doing something (whether it is breaking a rule or not), you stop. Arguing/continuing will result in an hour-long ban from the cbox.

Enforcement Policy
We do not follow any kind of strike system on this site. Upon first offence, rule breakers will be asked to read (or reread) this thread. If the problem persists after that, we will simply assume that these rules are being disregarded on purpose and ask the offender to leave. If the first offence is on the heftier side (i.e. plagiarism, blatantly insulting another member, cbox advertising), the offender will be turned away/banned immediately as it is common knowledge that such behaviour is unacceptable.

In addition, the staff team reserves the right to remove from the community people that are making other members uncomfortable, even if they aren't technically breaking any rules. This is only done after thorough investigation. We will not ban Stan just because Sally doesn't like him.

We know this may seem like a strict way of doing things. The reason for it is simple: we want our members to be comfortable and have fun on Megalomania. RP is a hobby, not a job. With that in mind, we want to keep the stress levels of staff and members to an absolute minimum.

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