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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Aziza Isis
Race: Demon // Age: 1015 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Bisexual // Occupation: Poena Damni - Servant
Poena Damni, Servant
5ft 4in
Face Claim
Nitocris - Type Moon
Appearance Extras
Her skin is etched with light scars from motherhood as well as from many battles she has experienced through her lifetime.

Aziza absolutely loves accessories and shiny pieces to add more to her outfits. The more she glistens in the sunlight the better she feels. It is not uncommon to see her going all out on her outfits simply because she loves the attention she gains from it. Though the actual clothes she wears are extremely revealing.
Daughter of Night - A child of darkness in the world of Sium, Aziza has many years of experience and understanding that few can match. Much like the creator that crafted her she shares power over the realm of dreams. She is able to manipulate the images that the mind sees with just the wave of her hand, put people to sleep (requires OOC permission), and can see inside of their minds while they are in their resting state (also requires OOC permission).

Mother of Life - Just as the ability may suggest, Azi is capable of reviving the dead and healing. Her years of experience makes her a little powerhouse capable of reviving many souls at once, but at the cost of physically exhausting her and leaving her in a weakened state for several days or weeks at a time. Along with this power she is able to heal the wounded with relative ease, even those afflicted with wounds of the mind...if she feels like it (Exremely OP but also requires OOC permission and perhaps staff permission at times).

Goddess of Agriculture - She is capable of creating and manipulating plants at will.

Demonic Physiology - Like many demons she has a faster rate of healing and regeneration than most, but physically she is comparable to a human in terms of her speed and strength. Though her body has proven to be exceptionally high in its durability and pain tolerance.

Poison Master - Over the past few years Aziza has learned and mastered the use of poisons while in combat as well as the creation of new plants with toxic basis.

Heka (God) - Her greatest power isn't even one that benefits her, but others. Aziza is able to amplify the powers of other demons (Not Sins or Horsemen because fuck those guys) and those linked in a contract with demons by blessing them with her body. That is to say her flesh, fluids, and other parts of her essence is needed to grant this amplification. While it benefits most who uses her for the strength she can grant, she is able to nearly double the power of the ones the most closely linked to her, such as her siblings. As well the power is linked to the emotions of her heart, the more she loves them the stronger they will become. (NEEDS OOC PERMISSION)

Basic Combat - While practically useless on the battlefield, Aziza is capable of basic forms of combat when it comes to fighting hand to hand and even with knives.
personality/fun facts
- Playful
- Kind
- Curious
- Intelligent
- Sweet
- Creative
- Enviormentally friendly
- Social

- Spoiled
- Manipulative
- Blunt
- Bitchy
- Bratty
- Selfish
- Clingy


- Aziza hates tea, bitter foods, and fish.

- She is a vegetarian by choice. She knows what its like to be on the receiving end of teeth. It's not fun...most of the time.

- Favorite animal is a wolf.

- She loves sex, but will rarely cuddle.

- Least favorite thing is to have sticky hands.
Isis was the name she had upon creation. In her youth she was a sweet and naive girl who wanted nothing more than to live in peace. Created during an era of monsters and demons hunting other demons and humans like, she was defenseless and breakable without much care for her own needs or true purpose in the world. Isis was the type to heal any wounded creatures that she stumbled upon within Sium. She was reckless and carefree in her lifestyle.

By the tender age of three, she knew just how strange she was. A demon who could revive the dead was ridiculous, but one that also acted as an enhancer for others was just deadly. She grew used to the constant attacks and dangers she would face as she grew up. She found her siblings very early on and quickly learned to rely on them. Set was intelligent, Osiris was strong, and Nephthys was kind; never in her life had she felt more secure and safe than those first few hundered years of existence where the four of them worked to survive together.

Sadly not all forms of happiness are meant to last. Early on she developed a strong attachment to Osiris. She cared deeply for him to the point that she could even say she was in love with him. He was her “brother” in every sense of the word and worked hard to keep her safe. His presence made her the happiest, but another man sought her heart. Set desired her and even strived to possess her by any means. At first his advances were gentle, small gifts and things that were quite sweet. Though she rejected him with her open admittance for her emotions not being directed towards him, but the stubborn man couldn’t take no for an answer and thus things escalated. Eventually Nephthys made her stance on the situation quite clear. Isis was the target of her sibling’s rage on more than one account, but never really made a big deal of it. Wound always healed quickly for her. Her sister hated her and both of her brothers coveted her heart….it was a mess. Things boiled over to a point where Osiris and Set fought to a point of life or death. Set left and Nyphthys followed him like a lost dog.

Osiris and Isis vowed to stay together then. It was a promise that both cherished for 500 years. They took on new names in that span of time, Aziza and Nassor. The demons choosing to change with the world around them and it was blissful. They were open in their love for one another and even invited others to join them from time to time. Aziza grew spoiled because of her lover’s affections. Still she cherished him above anything in the world and would’ve done anything to secure his happiness. Yes she grew selfish and even prideful, but she never expected that it would bite her so hard…this value she had for her self would ultimately become their downfall. Nassor grew tired of her and the love he once showered upon her was soon directed towards other lovers. Aziza was devastated at the realization, but too prideful to just bow her head and tolerate it. She abandoned him for her own selfish needs to pursue love.

She could not create a family through devotion, so she would craft one through blood. Over the next 200 years the demoness lived peacefully among mortals and other beings parading herself as a simple nightmare demon. She would seduce many men and have them father her precious children. Her babies were all she needed for her ideal family, or so she said. None of them could quell her thirst for the affection she desired. No that was something only a lover could do, but very few were even the slightest bit worthy of such attention from her.

She traveled all over Sium and learned so much about the world around her. Eventually she fell among the group of rebels know as Apocrypha. Their need to change the world being something that caught her fascination. Her time in Apocrypha has helped her to mature...ever so slightly.

She has become more empathetic to the cause of the monarchy since she knows the feeling of loss all too well. She has finally moved on from her love affair with her sibling and now carries a very causal bond with him that has strengthened over the last five years.

Though over the past five years she has developed a special relationship? Well if that is what you could call it...sometimes it seems more like a one-sided love affair or stalker situation with the executioner of Death, Corvyx Muse. Two years ago the rebellion turned their back on the former Director and this situation caused Aziza to follow the cryogenic bastard blindly into the alliance that serves Pride.

She felt she owed that much to him since they have come to accept their history with one another during one of Corvyx's past lives as well as the fact that he is primarily the reason she has come to accept the fact that she is not human and that death comes with the world...even if she has the power to reverse it. Sometimes...that isn't a good thing to do.
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