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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Halcyone Apollo
Race: Homunculus // Age: 34 // Gender: Male // Orientation: Complicated // Occupation: Valor - Zhyphire
Crux Fidelis, valor - zhyphire
165 lbs
Face Claim
Merlin (Caster) from Type Moon
Appearance Extras
Usually unnoticeable, Hal has a long scar running down his back, a reminder of his unfortunate encounter from long ago. Hal wears his trademark Cloak of Identity that makes him unrecognizable when the hood is up.
Ivaldi - Stargazer Lily's upgraded form. When not in use, this Bellicosa takes on the form of a lily headpiece that Hal tucks behind Ears? It's pretty vague honestly, but it basically takes the form of a nice af headpiece. The headpiece form also passively grants a mind reading block, preventing others from reading what's on his mind.

Upon activation, the lily headpiece glows a soft pink and transforms into a sword with several decorations adorning the blade itself. The blade has two distinct abilities. The first of which retains its fire power from its previous incarnation. Hal can alight the blade, launching a flamed slash from the blade when swung. The second of Ivaldi's ability is the creation of light. When the sword is struck into the ground, it creates shockwaves of light energy to be sent in a target direction. Hal can also create a pillar of light energy, provided his blade is not already on fire. Ivaldi can be thrown and will always return to Hal's side.

Anais - Hal's signature staff that he used to fight off his homunculi brethren. It's been upgraded from his training. This staff is able to heal most wounds that aren't beyond repair. It cannot fix sight or disabilities. The staff can also create a protective bubble shield around a target that breaks under a few strong hits. Anais can also fire a beam from its tip, but Hal rarely uses it with Ivaldi's laser now a thing. Anais is also surprisingly durable, and getting hit by the staff at all would likely hurt without proper protection.
Live to Fight - Despite the numerous different scars upon Hal's back, as a homunculus he naturally is much sturdier, faster, and stronger than a normal human. He also has a somewhat faster regeneration rate, but not as fast as a demon's. Deep wounds would take several days to heal, and light scratches in minutes. In the five years that have passed, Hal has become much more accustomed to battle, showing mastery with both his Bellicosa and his own staff and is proficient with weapons of the same type.

Mirror of Truth - Hal is able to summon up to two other copies of himself. When destroyed, the copies will explode into a flurry of flower petals. The copies are identical to the user, the only difference being that they don't seem to hit as strongly (if at all).

Runestone Mastery - Hal is skilled at inscribing runes into pebbles to different effects. Rune variations include fire and ice. After flipping a runestone once, Hal can throw the stone with fire or ice forming around the pebble as its thrown. If it's lit on fire, upon contact the stone will burn an opponent without protection. If it's encased in ice, a frostbite will likely form.

Summon Familiar - Hal can summon a small, white, fluffy, bunny-cat-like familiar. The familiar doesn't have much combat usages other than biting the opponent though. It's mostly a pet of sorts.
personality/fun facts
>Spicy food
>A challenge

>Bitter food

Halcyone has changed quite a bit from the man he was five years ago. After all, the death of quite a few who were important to him was enough of a force to change his personality. A cheerful and happy exterior is only but a mask to a much more serious and calculating person. Granted, he still projects a sort of laid-back personality, but not as much of an extent as before. In a way, Hal seems to be much more confident in himself, as if his troubles have been resolved.
While Halcyone wasn't technically classified as an Ephemera, he was born as a homunculus of sorts, bred to be a "perfect robot human" if you would. In a secret pocket of Sium, Hal followed each and every one of his creator's commands. He was told to forget about compassion, warmth, and love, while only told to express loyalty to a pitiful man.

One day, the young man met a beautiful girl of nobility. He was instructed to serve as the girl's servant, nothing more and nothing less. As he served, the girl began to ask him questions of what he truly wanted to be. She wasn't much older than he was, yet stressed the importance of learning to love. A master florist, the girl taught Hal the different types of flowers and meanings they hold. The two grew close together and Hal learned to show compassion. This upset his creator greatly, and he tried to break the two apart. Threatening to kill his creator unless he backed off, Hal took great care in serving and loving his young mistress.

The happiness wouldn't last, however, as the ambitious creator created more homunculi. He declared his first a failure, and ordered the newer ones to kill the young mistress in hopes of bringing Hal back. As the homunculus army approached the estate where the young lady lived, Hal prepared for the incoming battle with a staff. He managed to ward off the homunculi, jabbing them enough for them to stagger back. But all it took was one peek through the window.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his creator, throwing a dagger towards the girl's direction. In an attempt to intercept the dagger, Hal tripped on a patch of roses, screaming in futility as the dagger plunged through her heart.

For the first time, he cried. The homunculus cried at his uselessness and cursed his luck. In blinded hatred and anger, he took the thrown dagger and backstabbed his own creator, causing the homunculus army to scatter. Convinced that he could no longer find love in the world, Hal set off on a journey throughout Sium, and eventually finding himself amidst a war.

One chilly night in Seracier, he met an old man who had invited Hal to sit with him at the fireplace. The old man had noticed the pained look in his eyes and advised him to prepare his resolve. The old man taught Hal all of humanity's value. Reassured by the old man's words, Hal thanked him and began to move forward from his loss. He went from town to town, educating young children and adults alike the meaning of the flowers and the joy of love. It was there that he was conscripted by the Crux Fidelis. He humbly accepted his duty and fate, and thus, the rest is history.

Five years had been enough time. Everything he thought he knew about the world had shattered, the remains of his knowledge lying only in the Bellicosa he wields. Were Lyla and the old man wrong all along? That there was no such thing as love? Five years was much too long for the homunculus. After all, what was the meaning of his own life now that he had betrayed the design he was for? Searching for answers, he had embarked on a journey through Zhyphire, gradually honing his skills as he traveled.

Despair wracked his being when he came across the remains of Lyla's residence in a remote section of the region. His creator's body had long decayed or had been stolen, neither of which he cared for. He stepped through the gates of the residence and was greeted by the only thing he could describe as a miracle. What was once a pathway stained only with blood was now a garden or roses and lilies. A scene he so desperately had not wanted to remember had taken on a new form of its own.

It was as if the residence seemed to whisper and urge the man to move on.

Halcyone slowly made his way to Lyla's final burial site, a hill overlooking the small village below. The village was unperturbed and tranquil, as if nothing could possibly have happened in the many years that he left her. And almost immediately he was greeted by that very same garden. In the short time that he had left the residence, it seemed to have moved on in its own way. And thus, he had to move on in his own.

Crying over the past was unavoidable, granted, but to try and reclaim memories and fix the past was another. Whatever was to come now, Hal would face it with newfound resolve and a lighthearted smile. Everything would be okay.
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