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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Roc Demon // Age: 1007 // Gender: male // Orientation: asexual // Occupation: Blade of Babylon
Poena Damni, Blade of Babylon
198 lbs
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Eichi Tenshouin - Ensemble Stars
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Phosphoros - A great black sword gifted to Eosphoros. It is five and a half feet long, with dozens of spikes coming out of both sides. The handle is decorated with a golden halo. When Eosphoros channels power into the sword, this halo begins to glow and the sword grows to a total length of twenty feet long and gains the ability to create and manipulate lightning. These strikes of lightning can come from anywhere in the sky as well as from the sword itself. At maximum power it can create a lightning strike half a mile wide, threatening to destroy anything it comes into contact with, though this exhausts Eosphoros quickly.
-Eosphoros is able to turn himself into actual air. It can be a calm, motionless air that no one would even know was there to begin with. Or he can cause violent winds capable of carving up flesh. If he is truly enraged he can form himself into a large tornado. He can still communicate when he is in this form, whispering into people's ears to form suggestive thoughts or talking normally, perhaps even screaming which the winds amplify. While he is in this form he is free from harm. However, should anything interact with his sword he is instantly returned to his human form for at least a short time.

-There's only been one time that Eosphoros has touched land. He is naturally repeled from it due to an odd manipulation of gravity within his body. If he is hit hard enough it is possible for him to land on the ground briefly. However, if he focuses he can make his repulsion even stronger to avoid this. This can also be used on other objects if he focuses. For example if something was being thrown at him, he could focus on it and propel himself away from it. This also allows him to fly freely in the sky.

-The skies are a cold place. As such, his body is borderline frozen solid. Touching him can be painful to those not used to the cold and his skin is extremely hard. This makes injuring him with normal attacks difficult. Heat doesn't seem to change this, but it definitely makes him uncomfortable.

-Orpheus gave Eosphoros the abiltity to create life. Well, to alter a life. Eosphoros can take any bird and transform them into a bird demon, one of his children. He can only have a total of four of these alive at any time, and as long as he lives, they can continue to live. If he were to die, the first generation would die as well, but their descendants would carry on, perhaps even inherit the power from their elders. It isn't clear, and Eosphoros has no intentions of letting anyone find out.

-Eosphoros has unnaturally good eye sight. He can "extend" his eye sight for miles and even see over objects he shouldn't normally be able to.

-As an ancient demon, Eosphoros has greatly enhanced physical abilities.

-On his back rests a pair of small wings, no larger than six inches. for a bird demon they seem meek and honestly they don't serve much purpose, just leftovers from the bird he was created from. When Phosphoros is activated his wings grow to a great span of twenty feet though. They let him move faster in the air and he can use them as a shield or weapon since they are as tough as the rest on his body.
personality/fun facts
Eosphoros is an extremely loyal man until someone turns their back on him, kind of like Orpheus did. Still, he served the god for a thousand years, so there's something to be said for that. And he only abandoned him in order to serve the new god, Lucifer herself. He is a servant of gods, a truly blessed and important individual. That's how he sees himself at least.

and that's probably why he looks down on people so easily. Part of the reason he never touches the ground is because he finds that creatures that do must surely be filthy from the dirt and grime, the sweat they must work up from walking. The act of walking seems so... awful.

But there are those that Eosphoros respects besides the gods and himself. Despite popular belief, bird demons aren't all terrible fathers. Eosphoros cares deeply for his children and will do anything for them. He can even be a bit overprotective even though he has nothing but faith in them. He also holds other servants of gods in high regard, like the other sins for example. The Cardinal sins are somewhat like his equals, branches being something equivalent to his children. He would probably even respect a warrior of that invading god, though he'd still hate them.

All Eosphoros wants is the skies to be clean for him and his family again, so people can properly enjoying just looking at the sky, not cluttering it up or using it for travel. Peasants belong on the ground after all.

Orpheus was proud of the world he created but something always seemed a bit off. It took him forty years to realize it was that the sky didn't show off the glory of the cosmos he created along with it. No one appreciated it, not the brilliant blue of the day or the constellations of the night. It was no good.What was the point of making such wonder if no one stopped to enjoy it?

Orpheus gazed upon a bird in the sky and its body began to bend and break. It ripped apart until only its wings remained and from the blood a humanoid shape was formed. It cast of a brilliant light and the from began to take shape and just like that Eosphoros was born as the very first bird demon.

From the moment he opened his eyes Eosphoros knew what his purpose was. A sword formed in his hands and he lifted it up toward the sky. A giant strike of lightning hit the ground, its thunder radiating for miles. It drew the attention of many. They looked to the sky to see what had happened, and then Eospohoros vanished. He left behind wonderful lights and colors, spiraling auroras that shone upon the clouds. Nothing like it had ever been seen in Sium. Eophoros became a guardian of beauty in the sky. Those disgraceful beings that walked the grounds below him would always look and finally fall in love with the skies Orpheus crafted.

Eosphoros couldn't say he wasn't happy, but it did feel like something was missing. That was when Orpheus gave him another gift. He chose four birds he found the most beautiful and with a tap to the beak, Eosphoros transformed into beings much like himself. They only had a fraction of his power, but wasn't that natural? They were his children. They made him the happiest man in the world.

His children would come and go, die and be born and they would watch the skies together for centuries. He instilled a love for Orpheus in them, even after the rest of the world seemed to turn their back on the mighty god. He made sure his skies stayed untainted, even as those land creatures began to invade. He never thought he'd see the day when he'd actually have to send people crashing back down to land in some strange contraption they built. He didn't get them all. Even if he did it seemed like there no was end to them. Those humans just began to make more with that cursed magic they had now.

Those contraptions along with the huge cities that began to pop up across Sium began to take their toll on the skies. It was growing smoggier, not the fresh air the god had created. Eosphoros could try his hardest to try and disperse the tainted air, and he worked for years for things to only grow worse by the day.

He grew tired and eventually called out to Orpheus looking for help, but the god never answered him. Confused, Eosphoros sought him out, following what tiny connection he could still feel with focus. He ended up in some unknown place, laying eyes on a woman he'd never seen before. She slept but he got a peculiar feeling from her, one that made part of him nervous just by being around her. He couldn't place it, but he definitely didn't like it. Instinctively he drew his sword, ready to evaporate the woman with a blast of lightning. Someone got in his way though.

Soren himself was there to protect Pride then, and he wasn't about to just let some stranger fly up and kill her. Eosphoros wasn't even sure what hit him, but when he came back to his senses he had one hand touching the ground. He had tried to stop his descent while in the air and come up just short. Never before had he touched the filthy ground, and now that he had he had been, tainted, at least in his own mind.

He let out a terrible scream and blasted apart into a vortex of wind, completely untouchable as several lightning strikes blasted from above. He went on a rampage for hours, or maybe even days before he began to tire, demanding answers. He wanted to know where Orpheus was, who that woman was, who the hell this brat thought he was.

Maybe Soren actually wanted Eosphoros to join them. He probably just wanted the man to shut up and stop trying to destroy everything around them. He explained what had become of Orpheus, that Lucifer was the god that ruled this universe now. The winds stilled.

Eosphoros returned to his form with an unreadable expression. He wasn't sure how to feel. Orpheus had given him everything he had. But when Eosphoros had needed him the god had failed, long before he was ever defeated. Was it really a bad thing if someone had taken his place, someone who would clearly be more capable.

He took another glance at the blonde woman then to her valiant servant. He was clearly a man of high class and power if he was given the opportunity to serve such a god. Eosphoros instantly gained respect for him, even bowing his head and apologizing for all of the fuss. He announced he too would follow this new god, swearing his loyalty to her. It seemed they had a lot in common as far as their goals went. It would certainly benefit both of them. Eosphoros could truly give her a beautiful world to gaze down on upon her victory.

Eosphoros left and gathered his children. He told them they would be fighting for Licifer now. They didn't need to worry about the skies, just to focus on getting stronger for the war that would come as soon as she woke up. Eosphoros would handle the eradication of any of those humans that stepped too far out of line. Other than that he'd let them have a false sense of security.

When Lucifer awoke with all the powers of orpheus she recognized Eosphoros, or at least his powers and hatred for the world, making him the Blade of Babylon. Eosphoros couldn't have come up with a better outcome. There was no reason to change was he was, make him some kind of Sin like the rest of her followers. He was already perfect. And he would serve right along Soren, someone he had a true appreciation for.
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