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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Irina Relius
Race: Sin // Age: 1,015 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Heterosexual // Occupation: Deadly Sin - Envy
Poena Damni, deadly sin - envy
Face Claim
Murata Himeko, Honkai Impact 3rd
Appearance Extras
She can form wings and claws and stuff... yeah.
[Leviat] - A demonic halberd capable of taking in Irina's power over Envy and convert in into devastating attacks. When Invidia Domain is active, the Halberd can be covered in its flames and further increasing its potency. With this, Leviat can also be thrown like a spear or throwing axe towards the enemy, honing onto them and following their movement until called back.

[Aeos] - A Demon lance that Irina can either use herself, or allow to be absorbed into the ground where it appears as a mass of shadow that follows a target and juts out in a series of large spikes when below them. In its shadow form, it can multiply as well as propel itself out of anything with a solid surface and fire off like a projectile.

[Arios] - A large enchanted sword she had taken from downing a famed warrior of long ago. Each swing sends large amounts of destructive energy, destroying the general area around Irina.
[Envision Envy] - As the embodiment of Envy, Irina holds the ability to recreate attacks, weapons, and abilities and improve them twofold. As long as she is able to see the weapon, technique, or skill, she can recreate it and gain knowledge in how to use it. In addition, Irina can use the improved copy of her opponents moves as long as they remain in her sights. Should that not be the case, then she loses the copied ability over time (About 2 posts).

[Invidia Domain] - This ability grants Irina the power to create a dome battlefield seeped with her aura. While active, the ground is wreathed in emerald flames, and those within are taken in by the effects of her sin and take their attention from battle to their jealousy or envy over those they hold it on. The targets are then distracted through thoughts of their incompetence or the achievement of others that can cause them to make mistakes in their fighting that they normally wouldn't do. The Malicious Envy phase is then implemented, where harm is wished upon others. When done so, the emerald flames begin to encompass their body and burn them; the more malicious the thoughts, the more intense the pain. As they are not actually fire, the flames of envy cannot be doused through regular means. This can also be used to improve Envision Envy's output.

[Legion of the Empress] - Irina holds the ability to create mindless demons made of negative energy and command them to do her bidding. The demons range in appearance from skeletons, to humanoid insects, to even dragons/serpents, but all retain transparent bodies shrouded in black and purple flames. The type of demon depends on how much negative energy Irina uses to produce it. When Invidia Domain's Malicious Envy is in play, the demons can then take in the sinful thoughts to enhance abilities and can fully sense the location of their target thanks to the green flames acting as a beacon of sorts.

Sinful Body - As a sin, her body is both beautiful and deadly. Greatly resistant to attacks and so fast the eye cannot keep sight, only the most powerful could hope to stand a chance. And even if injured, Irina has her regeneration to count on. She is further amplified should a large concentration of sin is present. As a demon, she ha her more demonic form to transform into. Most of her abilities would stay the same, but this time with the addition of her large scales on her limbs for better defense, three pairs of wings for flight, and sharp claws on her hands and feet that can easily tear through flesh.

Master Hand-to-hand Combatant - Irina never sat idle over the course of her life. Activities she had done to pass the time was to sharpen her skills in combat. She has both defeated and brutally killed masters of various martial arts, all in the pursuit for greatness.

Weapons Mistress - Not only has Irina grown accustomed to unarmed combat, but she also equally as potent when armed with weapons. Her expertise ranges from swords, halberds, lances, spears, to bows and arrows. She favors halberds, but her skills in the rest are nothing to scoff at.

Minored in Shapeshifting - Irina only has two forms- her human form and her demon form. She can change into one of the two at will and can also partially transform into one of them.

Outside that, she can also alter her human appearance slightly. Examples include making herself appear older or younger, change her eye color, grow taller or shorter, etc. She can change the color of her hair, but only sticks to shades of red.

Immortal Sin - Irina can only be killed by her leader, the Sin of Pride. If downed by anything else, she will be merely be sent to Alptraum where she recuperates for seven days before returning to the world of the living once more to enact her schemes.
personality/fun facts
Possibly the most "civil" of the Sins. Irina does not actively seek to cause destruction that would draw attention to her. She would much more enjoy to cause mayhem behind the scenes where her identity was safer. So long as Lady Pride would not tell her otherwise, then she would not just land into the middle of a settlement and declare the residents' death.

One advantage she has over some Sins is that she is able to socialize with humans particularly well. She still believes they, like the other races, are inferior to her, but at the same time they amuse her. They are "pets" or "playthings" and they make her life more lively. Their presence grants her a window to their world-- their lives. To learn about them was to learn about the world. It was crucial to her survival.

As the Sin of Envy, Irina is discontent when she sees those who hold some sort of advantage to her, and so she would find a way to improve. If she is not better than those inferior, then she will get better. And, on the occasion she cannot, then the answer is simple: kill. They can't do better if they're dead, right? If they are gone, they are nothing, and there is no reason to envy "nothing".

A green-eyed monster with a longing to posses the greater no one else can attain. She must be the envy of all. With solid ambition, she will push herself beyond her limitations, risking her being in the process.

And even then, she hides her jealously abnormally well. With a deceiving smile on her face that would fool the masses, she can play quite the actor. The only time she would be true to her emotions is when she is with her family: the other sins. She gives them genuine affection, though Irina is careful not to be overbearing. While they are not related, she finds a great sense of kinship with them, to which she would even fall into antics with them should she feel comfortable enough.

She is especially loyal to Pride. Feeling indebted to the most powerful Sin, Irina follows her orders willingly.
She had been born long ago, yet mysteriously she know not how she was created nor why she could not remember. A gap had formed in her memory, and all that she knew was that in the beginning she was formless. She was nothing more than a mass
of shadow. She was sentient, she knew she was a born a demon, but that was all the information available to her.

She was just nothing. A befitting conclusion given her formless being.

And she hated it.

To wander aimlessly as she was until one day she came across beings she had never seen before. Beings of skin and bones, bodies and limbs, faces and personalities. She watched them from afar, patiently observing them; studying them whilst hey were none the wiser.

Then, she learned to don their form.

Starting as a child, she found her new life in an orphanage, the first thing Irina had ever done with it was to gain more. She needed power simply to become better--it was instinctual. She had quickly became envious of what she didn't have. Beauty, skill, intelligence, she had nothing, but she wanted everything. She quickly grew to be beautiful, she honed her skills, she fervently studied, and she did whatever else she could to prove herself the superior to her so called "peers."

It was through this that Irina became sick of being society's puppet to manipulate. The children around her would hope, beg, or wish to be adopted. It baffled her. Why? They would be restricted; rules would be set upon them by their adoptive parents. She refused such an outcome. She was a being greater than them, and she deserved as such. She wasn't like them at all. She was different.

But the most disturbing thing to her was that they were happy being contained, being regulated. To be molded into whatever their guardians wished. They were HAPPY. Why? She had done everything to be the best and, yet, they were the happiest? They were happier than her? It angered her. It infuriated her to no end. She couldn't comprehend how it was possible.

The next day the orphanage was up in flames, and its residence long dead. With a discovery of her dark power, Irina left her mark. Such was the beginning of a being who harbored great envy.

So she traveled, her goal to become a supreme being deserving of only the best while the rest would receive nothing. She would look for the best, and become their better-- in one way or another. Through this she had gained so much, and her rapid growth receded to a steady pace. She had plenty of time on her hands.

And so Irina vanished, lying in wait for the perfect moment, though still working behind the scenes. She wanted opportunity to head straight to the top. What she got was a meeting with Pride many years later, and with an offer she could not pass up. One of her siblings, the original Envy, behaved too erratically and would disobey, wishing to overthrow her. So if she were to defeat him, Pride would grant her the power of Envy, killing its original owner.

With a wide grin, Irina accepted wholeheartedly.

Becoming Envy, she grew even more powerful, but her lifestyle had not changed much. Remain an unknown; never to be identified in the public. When ordered to, Irina would leave towns and its people in disarray. Bust still never directly where she would be a recognizable figure.

All the public should have known was that Envy was alive and well. They knew not the way she looked because she had been careful not to leave any bread crumbs for anyone to follow.

It helped substantially to be able to change appearance as well.

The time came when Poena Damni would clash with the Black Sun Cabal, and she had been ordered to fight. Like the loyal cardinal that she was, Irina obeyed. Before long the fight drew to a close. The Sins had taken their victory with Irina taking only few injuries. However, the battle had inevitably drawn attention.

So, once more, Irina hid into the shadows; preparing herself all the same to when she would be called forth once more.
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