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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Race: Corrupted elf/Demon of Babylon // Age: 685 years old // Gender: Male // Orientation: Pansexual. // Occupation: Hunger of Babylon/Assassin
Poena Damni, Hunger of Babylon
200 lbs
Face Claim
Kakashi Hatake - Naruto
Appearance Extras
+The lower part of his face normally only shows light scarring, but more scars, from the stretching of flesh, are revealed when he shows his maw.

+Sometimes, his grey eye will turn a pale yellow, the iris shrinking a little. This is the result of a primal hunger, sometimes visible when he sees or thinks of something he particularly wants to consume.

+The patterns in his cursed eye will shift over time
+Extensive combat experience - Over the years, Thanikos has become proficient with most weapons, as well as become skilled in hand-to-hand. He also has an excellent sense of tactics.

+Gluttonous Maw - Between the original creature's nature, the gluttonous demon, and power gained by becoming a Demon of Babylon, Thanikos is a true embodiment of gluttony. His mouth unhinges and the flesh stretches, allowing him to fit large portions of food into his mouth. His teeth are revealed to be made for the easy ripping and crushing of flesh and bone. His digestive system is incredibly effective, enhanced by demonic magics. He can't eat nearly as much or as quickly as Yasmayn by any extent, but food begins to be digested and absorbed as soon as it enters his maw. He is able to eat the quantity of several men or even a large beast in one sitting.

+Thy flesh becomes my own - Thanikos can gain access to the traits of creatures whose flesh and souls he consumes. He can form bestial claws, tougher skin, and increase his strength for a time, among other things. The gains are temporary, and the alterations will revert to normal.

+Gluttonous Regeneration - Thanikos can regrow lost limbs and organs by consuming enough flesh.

+Spellcasting - Thanikos, while not originally a spellcaster, has gained some capability with magic, namely by consuming those who can use sillage. After substantial sillage use, he must consume more people who can use sillage. When casting spells, he uses his right arm and it shifts into a dark skinned arm with faint markings covering it.

+Cursed Eye of Orentosh - Sealed away by an ancient cult, this artifact allows one to see the flow of sillage, and follow the trail of people who have recently used sillage. It is in reality a parasite that drains the life force of the host. Extensive use in a short period of time can result in temporary blindness in that eye.
personality/fun facts
Thanikos has been around long enough to experience most things in life, and is rarely surprised by anything. He often looks bored, even in the middle of a fight, unless it is a particularly exciting one. He looks forward to great developments and incidents in the world, and takes in news of them with great interest.

Despite having done most anything he could do, he still takes pleasure in some of what life can offer. Drink and merrymaking can be fun, depending on the company, as can sex. The thrill of the kill is lost to him though, unless it is a worthy one.

His bored look hides an active, capable mind. He could excel in academics if they didn't bore him. He can quickly look at a situation and get some ideas on how best to proceed. From a fight to a difficult person, he has a wealth of experience to pull from.

His personality can take odd turns. While he is regularly friendly enough, he can at times be more accommodating, but at other times less. He may scoff at those who are less experienced or weaker than him, or he can instruct and help them.

His main consistent traits are that he is fairly friendly to those he knows and he looks out for compatriots when encountered. Them being Demon's of Bablylon, Sins, or others who have his respect or friendship. Those below him are more at his mood. Typically it is fine, but sometimes they are better of keeping out of his way.

Yasmayn receives the most preferential treatment. He sees himself as a sort of mentor to his superior, imparting wisdom and information when he wants to or is asked for it. He found her previous innocence and dream of co-existence cute and refreshing, if not doomed. He could never bring himself to be the one to crush it himself, so he simply let the realization hit her in its own time. He misses the warmth and enthusiasm she had before, but such is the end of childhood. No matter how she goes about acting, he will serve her.
Long ago, an elf soldier was born, grew up, and fought for his lord. He was as skilled a fighter as any other and did his best to serve. One day, after a battle, he and his friends decided to check out a nearby cave, which was rumored to be cursed. They assumed it was some sort of beast or lesser demon harassing the local villages and planned on dealing with it. The soldier went in to investigate, thinking himself light-footed. There was indeed a demon, or at least what he thought was one. They fought, and they both died, their bodies slumped over one another. But his companions didn't find a pair of bodies, they found a puddle of dark sludge and their friend. kneeling down. And then they died, their final sight their friend, eyes yellow and a dark maw of teeth.

The creature had become part of the elf, and it consumed the three other elves who had come. But more would come soon, it knew. The elf knew that four soldiers would be missed. And so, after a few days had passed and the remains were hidden, it went deeper into the cave. Through tunnels and small holes it had never explored the creature went, looking for a new way out. But it found an old ruin. The ruin had many carvings and images and symbols it did not understand, but it went through. And in the center, in a large glass cylinder, was an eye floating in dark liquid. The eye was red, with swirls of black flowing around it. The creature made the eye its own, and then continued until it found an exit.

Years passed, and the creature traveled. It became a soldier, fought in battles, then returned to the fields and ate. It hunted for mighty beasts and great warriors of all races it could find, and it ate them. Its strength grew as it ate their flesh, their meat, and their souls. It grew bold and gained new powers. And then it would simply find a new battle, an elf looking for war.

One day, around a hundred years ago, it encountered a demon. It was a mighty demon, fat with four eyes. They fought, two monsters hungry for the other. It lost its arm and leg. But the demon lost its head. And the head watched as it at the demon flesh, ripping out its heart before consuming the head. And then It wailed in pain and change, before falling.

Days later, the elf awoke. For years and years he had lived a waking dream, life being a cloudy experience of semi-consciousness. But he was himself again. The creature had been unable to handle the demon, and the two malevolent souls had burnt each other out. The elf was now the master of the body, the creature , with new limbs and new power. And he took a new name, Thanikos.

Thanikos had lost much in the battle with the demon, many resources lost to the demon's hunger. And he spent the next century regaining his lost strength, doing much as he had done while the creature was in control. Until the battle with Lucifer. She was a fierce creature, and Thanikos' hunger was only diminished by his inability to defeat her. But instead of death, the demonesse gave him new power and purpose.

He would serve under the Sin of Gluttony, and spread the corruption of hunger and death. During the five years where the Sins were in hiding, he continued as he had, eating and killing in shadows until the Sins became active again.
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