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Practice of Sedition
In a world built upon a foundation of conflict, the past year has been notably violent. As Crux Fidelis, the Crusaders and ruling faction of Sium, suffer heavy losses from a particularly bloody Aphelion, other factions are emboldened to take action. Despite being allies, Weltschmerz's ambitious and duplicitous nature sees them taking bigger risks which threaten to break their alliance. All the while, Apocrypha continues to gain public sympathy and support while the Black Sun Cabal and Poena Damni continue to wreak havoc. As Sium races towards yet another conflict, it’s evident that a war lurks on the horizon.
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Anthousai Thrake
Race: Human // Age: 35 // Gender: Female // Orientation: Asexual // Occupation: rottiger - the dragon
Weltschmerz, Rottiger - Dragon
5'9'' / 10'2''
140 / ?
Face Claim
Rydia of Mist, Final Fantasy
Symmetra (Dragon Skin), Overwatch (alt.)
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Personal Arsenal

Harvester - A set of graphene-based wires are embedded into Anthousai's skin, originating at her hip and creeping from her lower right ribs to the lower half of her thigh. At either end are miniature, magical cores that transfer energy from the Harvester to Chell and Silencer. Ironically, because these cores are magic-based (a fact Anthousai has spent years researching how to rectify), Harvester can be rendered pointless by magic-cancelling auras. These wires can theoretically be cut out of her body if done correctly, but are in themselves nearly indestructible due to graphene's exceptional strength rating (that is, 100x stronger than steel). Implanted beneath her skin in the flesh just below the hipbone is a disc that converts kinetic energy into power for her devices. At rest, Anthousai's natural body processes create enough energy to keep the devices fully functional, although more powerful blasts from Silencer require more strenuous activity to power.

Silencer - A weapon embedded into Anthousai's right forearm, Silencer is internally shaped to resemble the bones that would normally comprise that part of her body. Situated just below the elbow joint is a magic core identical to those integral pieces of Harvester. This core is attached to the weapon, which converts the kinetic energy into a blast of power, emitting through a valve in her palm. Although the valve is painted to resemble Anthousai's skin color, anyone looking closely enough could easily tell that something non-skin-like resides in that space. The blast most closely resembles a shockwave, and emits a sonic boom when released. Silencer works on an energy bank that remains full until discharged, and after not being used for some time will always fire the first shot at full strength. However, after the initial blast, Anthousai must produce more kinetic energy through Harvester in order to use it again - the more energy in Silencer's energy bank, the more powerful the blast, with strenuous activity charging the weapon more quickly. At full strength, Silencer can easily blast through buildings.

Chell - A set of graphene-infused armor, Chell is embedded into Anthousai's chest cavity. It has been resized since its initial creation to fit perfectly over the exposed areas of her neck and chest upon transforming completely through her rottiger. Highly flexible, while inactivated Chell is hidden within a small plate poking just above the skin, and expands to cover her most vulnerable areas when exposed to heat.

Headquartered - The miniature, magical cores that power Anthousai's weapons are in reality the broken pieces of one. Splintered into five pieces, the fifth is embedded into the base of Anthousai's neck, allowing her cognitive control over her devices. This piece is the largest, and remains big enough to continue to break into smaller pieces if one of the smaller cores were to break. However, the obliteration of this core would render all of her devices unusable until the core was replaced with a new one. This core is highly resistant to shattering, although it is certainly not impossible - neither, of course, is the potential for it to be merely removed from her person. This mother piece - so to speak - creates an extremely subtle greenish glow where it is located, but easily goes unnoticed given Anthousai's hair.

Rottiger: The Dragon

Challenger - A dual-edged battle ax, Challenger serves as a conduit for Anthousai's full transformation. The weapon is imbued with the soul of an ancient creature - a dragon called Xisin that terrorized vast areas of Sium for decades many years ago. With similar temperaments already, when wielded, Challenger floods Anthousai with increased destructiveness and chaotic energy that will spearhead her into the heat of battle. During these times, Xisin is among Anthousai's thoughts. He never speaks in actual words, but Anthousai always knows his meaning - choke the ground with your enemies.

Dragon Physiology - When working with rottiger in-hand, Anthousai's entire appearance takes on a drastic change. Her hair and skin darken, and the whites of her eyes become alive in golden yellow tones. Her pupils become slits, and her vision and other senses intensify. Horns sprout atop her forehead, and as she grows to her full height of 10'2'', her feet and hands become claws. Large leathery wings sprout from her back, allowing her to fly for extended periods of time. Although some areas of her body remain covered in human flesh (the collarbone, neck, and face), the rest of her body becomes shielded by scales. This form is accompanied by heightened strength, speed, stamina, and healing capabilities.

Hellfire - Xisin's flames are not entirely of this world, and are instead dragged into Sium from the depths of hell itself. This particular brand of fire is exceptionally difficult to extinguish, and have been known to stay burning for days on their own. They are a deep purple color, and cause extreme pain to any being they touch. Even while using her rottiger, Anthousai can still be severely burned across the areas of her body that do not turn to scales - not that it may matter much, since she can't feel it anyway.
Expert Physicist - Anthousai's passion for the sciences is exorbitant, and as such she spent many years floating aimlessly between departments and divisions learning as much as she could. Combined with a genius for mathematics, Anthousai found herself studying physics - something she refers to as the true mother of all sciences. As such, there are not many topics that she cannot lend knowledge to, and she has produced many useful and interesting gadgets for her organization. Anthousai is adept at running complicated equations in her mind with precision and speed, and uses this wealth of knowledge to her benefit - whether in the form of calculating the speed of a bird or the path of an enemy projectile.

Hand-to-Hand Combatant - Prior to being chosen for the path of a rottiger, Anthousai was highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Despite an aggressive, tenacious nature, Anthousai's hand-to-hand fighting style can be notably defensive. Rather than offensively strike her enemy, Anthousai relies on her opponent making a mistake fueled by the cockiness of aggression or the adrenaline of battle. Her heightened stamina allows her to out-sustain most opponents, and gives her ample time to calmly apprise their strengths and weaknesses - of which she will take full advantage of when the moment presents itself. Granted, this is generally only true in the case of an equally strong - or stronger - enemy. When the opposite is true, Anthousai has no reason to avoid crushing them quickly.

Blacksmith - An expert with metals, Anthousai can fashion just about any type of weapon or armor an individual could want. This past-time started out as merely a hobby, but since then Anthousai has taken it more seriously and with pride. Any item crafted by the dragon rottiger carries an insignia somewhere on its form, marking it as one of her creations with a pair of dragon horns reminiscent of her own. While weaponry and armor are her specialty, you can also find various decorative items with her unique insignia punched into them at stores across Sium.

Sword and Weapon Master - Anthousai's love as a blacksmith ultimately led her to picking up the fruits of her labor, learning with great skill how to wield countless types of weapons. While mildly proficient at weapons like bows and even throwing knives, Anthousai's style is far more suited for close-range weaponry such as long swords, axes, and daggers.

Nerve Damaged - After the first few failures to successfully implement Harvester and its component pieces, Anthousai suffered serious nerve damage along the spinal cord. As such, she has no sense of feeling throughout her body. She cannot feel pain or temperature, but is capable of discriminating pressure. Anthousai is good at guessing when she should feel hot or cold and does dress accordingly, since this condition doesn't prevent actual damage to the body. Consequently, Anthousai is exceptionally difficult to subdue across situations, and has almost died due to pushing beyond external injury on numerous occasions.
personality/fun facts
Anthousai is a violent face of a rottiger, who mercilessly spreads the stories of terror delegated to her newly created kind. She has no qualms about killing or torturing, and will leave a trail of corpses in her wake if it means serving as a pillar for Weltz's great future. To outsiders in a non-conflict setting, she is cold, caustic, and uncaring. Anthousai measures a person's worth by how valuable they are to her own cause, and has little need for anyone beyond that. She recognizes that a future for her organization necessitates the support of the people, however, and does her hardest to avoid unnecessarily slaughtering almost everyone she meets. These murderous tendencies heightened after receiving her rottiger, and God help the world that doesn't have enough anti-Weltz sentiments for her to go after - then she'd have to start killing completely indiscriminately instead of only sometimes decapitating arbitrary persons.

The urge for violence that accompanied the blending of Xisin's soul with her own has almost completely eradicated the fun-loving, highly curious individual that resided as Anthousai beforehand, although on occasion you can glimpse specks of who she was - normally after going a particularly lengthy time without utilizing her weapon. Still, Anthousai remains exceptionally intelligent, and perhaps the best way to garner any of her positive attention is to bring up something particularly interesting. This desire for intellectual stimulation can backfire, however, for whatever prey she decides to toy with in the meantime.

Because of her drives, Anthousai has a way of bringing dense clouds of tension wherever she goes, and remains a touchy time-bomb that is always gearing up for a fight - even among her peers in Weltz, although she would surely restrain herself from killing them. Anyone with any type of survival instinct can instantly be privy to her predatory nature, sometimes even before they've caught the glint of zeal and blood-lust always residing just behind her irises.

It can take quite an effort to garner Anthousai's respect, even among her compatriots. Those weaker aspects of Weltz are categorized as necessary components to the organization, while those of equal or greater strength are highly revered by the rottiger. This still doesn't stop her from having a big mouth with a lot to say. Anthousai almost always believes that she is the smartest person in the room, and has no problem pointing out flaws in a plan or trying to insert her own, improved version of accomplishing any given goal. Typically, these plans almost always include her taking point, and being the first to burst into the conflict with flames raging.

When it comes to friends, the closest thing Anthousai has these days are the other rottiger, and these are friends of convenience and necessity. She still considers herself to be the best of all of them, in part due to her complete willingness to carry out Weltz's agenda without a care. Anthousai is never hindered by petty questions of morality, unlike some of her peers.
She was always eccentric. As a small child she would spend her days among various experiments, never really interacting with other children her own age. Her love for science was usually harmless - other times, not so much. Anthousai always had difficulty with empathy, living by the age-old motto that the ends always justified the means. This included utilizing the unwilling participation of various animals and, on some occasions, other children. As she got older, she developed some semblance of social skills, and ultimately became a functioning member of society. Her brilliance among scientific and mathematical experiments made Weltz an obvious home, and with parents already apart of the organization Anthousai quickly became a favorite around headquarters. She was far more interested in tagging along with her parents to work than she was staying at home and playing with her siblings or toys. Her earliest, happiest memories involve safety goggles and ear muffs, alongside the now non-sensical scribbles of a child’s investigations.

As a teen and young adult Anthousai was well-liked among her constituents, and fit in well among others who had a passion for science. She knew many of Weltz's front-running scientists from young childhood, and when the Ephemera Project was announced she avidly sat in on various meetings as an onlooker to the process. Anthousai was only 14 when the first ephemera was created, and remembers fondly giving her own input on the collars they would all eventually come to wear.

With their creation, Anthousai spent countless hours improving her own physical state in an attempt to prove worthy of becoming a handler. The bones in her right forearm were shattered during testing for this position, and it was this defeat that drove Anthousai to develop Harvester and its component pieces. As something of a child prodigy she had never been used to failing, and this moment fueled her drive and hardened her personality. Eventually she would become a Handler, and was known across her occupation for being extremely strict on her Ephemera's - if not fair.

Wildly curious and interested in progress, Anthousai naturally lent her talents to the creation of the rottiger, and offered up her own body for the process. Xisin proved an extremely tenacious soul to pin down, and she was ultimately the fifth human to be integrated with the beast. Anthousai was considered the most successful in delegating Xisin's thirst for vengeance against the organization that trapped him to the enemies of that very faction, and so the role stuck.

Still, it took a significant amount of time to regain some sense of stability. As she struggled to find any sense of balance with the soul she now shared, Anthousai spent months confined to a chamber meant only to keep her from rampaging throughout headquarters. The woman that emerged there was entirely different from the one that entered, and even among Xisin's presence is the distant hope that she'll one day be able to miraculously return to the person she was before.
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