(n.) obsession with the exercise of power, especially in the domination of others.
Megalomania is an original fantasy roleplay that opened on January 1st, 2017. The site is hosted on Jcink Premium and has a 3-3-3 max rating; however, mature content will be hidden behind restricted tags so anyone 16 or older can join. We use animanga face claims exclusively. Due to the setting, combat threads will not be uncommon. However, as this site focuses on character/plot development, creativity, and fun, we use the honour system and expect members to work out the aftermath of their threads in a civil and cooperative manner.

Divine intervention brought the world back from the brink of destruction and gave humanity the light of magic, but not without cost. That magic, also known as sillage, was cursed by a different god, leading to mankind's corruption. Incidents involving haywire magic paved the way for many differing opinions and factions. Crux Fidelis' introduction seemed to promise peace and protection for the residents of Sium. On the other hand, the release of the Sins has tipped the scales and now the Cross is becoming overwhelmed. Now that the world is being threatened once more, Crux Fidelis is starting to employ especially forceful techniques, leading to yet more controversy.


06/08/17: Imgbox is closing down! If you use it, make sure you get all your stuff re-hosted before the 30th of June. You can find a list of alt. image hosts here.

05/31/17: Changed the regular "member" rank in Black Sun to "Acolyte" because it sounds cooler.

05/29/17: The Crux vs. BSC event has started! There are 10 spots, so hop in while you still can.

04/26/17: Living Nightmare has finally been concluded! Read the end here and keep an eye out for the next event, which will be faction-oriented! It'll be dropping soon.

04/04/17: We've got a new skin! Hope you like it. We've also got a few new things coming out. Read up on them here! If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to voice it.

06/03/17: Sign up for the thread roulette if interested! Also, if you want us to get a discord, vote here. Thanks <3

15/02/17: Currently seeking insight for the next update/skin change that should be happening sometime in March. Read about and comment on it here!

03/02/17: A vicious fight at Domhnall unleashed an ancient demon that is now trying to cover Sium in nightmares! Read more about it here!

19/01/17: We're still looking for potential staff, so if any active people want to help out with stuff around the site, feel free to apply. We're especially keen on finding someone that can help with writing events! Also, the first event is going to happen very soon. We're going to have most of our events triggered by things that happen IC, so if anyone has something they would like to implement based on something their character is doing, please don't hesitate to PM Hiraeth.

01/01/17: Megalomania is finally open! If you come up with any suggestions while looking around the site, please don't hesitate to voice them. I spent quite a bit of time working on this, so I want to make it as perfect as possible. Right now, I (Hiraeth) am the only staff member, so if anyone is interested in helping out, hit me up. Once we get enough people, plot events will start up.

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This is where you'll find everything you need to know about Megalomania. It's highly encouraged that you read the threads in this board before joining. If you have further questions, feel free to post in the support board/cbox.
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Important updates/events (ie. activity checks, new skins/features, contests, etc.) will be posted here from time to time, so make sure to check back often.
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If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the site, feel free to post them here. Also, if you've noticed any errors (including typos), you can let staff know by posting in this forum. While we do like hearing suggestions, please understand that this does not mean we will implement every single one that's brought up. This board is guest-friendly.
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Here you'll find the notification thread (for character approval, moving/archiving threads, archiving/bringing back characters, etc.), a thread where you can post your open threads in order to get them more attention, and more.
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Face claims, who plays who, and any canon/faction rosters are all posted in this board. To reserve a face or spot, simply post what you want to reserve in the correct thread. All reserves last one week unless renewed before time runs out.
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For character essentials such as plotters and trackers. You aren't required to make any of these, but it is encouraged since it's easier to acquire and maintain threads that way.
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Seracier is Sium's northernmost province. It is easily the coldest and harshest region, but some would argue that it is also the most beautiful. The southern part of the province is dotted with coniferous forests, steadily giving way to barren, frigid tundra halfway through. Along the coast of the Douglit Ocean is the massive Mt. Glaucia. Her peaks run along the entirety of the north coast as if to protect the inhabitants of Seracier from the ocean's wrath. On average, Seracier gets about six hours of daylight each day, that length increasing to roughly nine hours as one travels farther south. It remains cold in the summer, but the snow will melt for a couple of months, bringing forth a burst of wildflowers.
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The eastern quadrant of Sium which is known for its humid, rainy weather and tropical rainforest. The forest is impossibly thick and filled with all manner of dangerous/poisonous creatures, but starts to thin out as one heads toward the coast. The climate becomes milder, but the frequent rain remains. Most of the towns and cities in Pluviall are closer to the coast because it is easier and safer to build there. However, there are rumors of fierce people that live in the tropics. Monsoons and cyclones are common in the summer.
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Xipilkha is the southern quadrant of Sium. It's hot and humid year-round, save for a couple months in winter where the northernmost part of the province gets some snowfall. Geography-wise, it is a mixture of plains and deciduous forests with many rivers running through it. The soil is fertile and this fact along with the humid climate makes Xipilkha a perfect place for agriculture.
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The western province features the most dynamic weather in Sium. The summers are hot and dry whereas the winters are cold with lots of snowfall. A little under half of the province is desert, which then leads into rolling hills and valleys, dotted with copses. Zhyphire is plagued by tornadoes in the early summer.
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In certain legends, Empyrean is spoken of as "the highest heaven, said to contain the element of fire". Although this Empyrean is a different place, it is the closest thing to Heaven that Sium has to offer. Situated thousands of feet above the ground, the sizable floating island is home to some of to Sium's richest and most prestigious figures. It also features a huge and expensive entertainment district that boasts practically any activity anyone could ever want from carnival rides to gambling. Most of the designs of the buildings in Empyrean are similar in appearance to Greek architecture.
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Alptraum is often referred to as "the realm of the dead". While it's true that most of its population are dead souls, entry into Alptraum is not limited to that particular group. Anything that is able to traverse dimensions could find its way into Alptraum, or guide others into the hellish land. Other than its signature red sky with smoky black clouds, Alptraum doesn't have a static landscape. Everyone sees something different. Existing in Alptraum is like dreaming, but most of the time it is a nightmare. Fears, past memories, and evil spirits will plague astral travelers. This is also where Sins are sent for one week upon death. They retain their powers even while they are dead, and so they search for wayward souls they can torture to sate their boredom.
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If you've just joined and want to introduce yourself, feel free to do that here so we can all get to know one another. If you're leaving for an extended period of time, also try to tell us so that we know. If it's a temporary leave of absence, posting here will ensure that you don't lose any characters due to inactivity. You don't need to post details or anything, just tell us when we can expect you back.
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Talk about anything you want here (as long as it doesn't violate the rules). Feel free to spam forums games too.
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As long as your board is guest-friendly, you may post your ad here (please post in the correct sub-board). If we are unable to link back for any reason, your ad will be deleted. Also, the affiliation thread is within. This board is guest-friendly.
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Old/finished threads will be stored here.
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