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Megalomania is an original fantasy roleplay that opened on January 1st, 2017. The site is hosted on Jcink Premium and has a 3-3-3/18+ rating. We use animanga face claims exclusively. Due to the setting, combat threads will not be uncommon. However, as this site focuses on character/plot development, creativity, and fun, we use the honour system and expect members to work out the aftermath of their threads in a civil and cooperative manner. Please read the info threads before you decide to join and feel free to ask questions in the cbox/discord if you have any.
continent-wide // The Black God has invoked the Aphelion earlier than expected. For the next 18 hours, crimes rates will skyrocket. While the sun is blotted out, many will fall into depravity and commit heinous acts while Cross, Apocrypha, and Weltschmerz forces try to limit the damage.
Apocrypha vs. Poena // After the opening of an anciet casket, an entire city is turned into a crude and fantastical reimagining of Alptraum. With Apocrypha Agents looking to put an end to the madness and the Sins searching for the source in an attempt to gain its power, conflict is inevitable.
Divine intervention brought the world back from the brink of destruction and gave humanity the light of magic, but not without cost. That magic, also known as sillage, was cursed, leading to mankind's corruption. Related incidents paved the way for many differing opinions and factions. Crux Fidelis' introduction seemed to promise peace and protection for Sium, but the release of the Sins tipped the scales, overwhelming the Cross. With the world being threatened once more, Crux Fidelis is starting to employ especially forceful techniques, leading to yet more controversy.
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